British Sink Their Teeth into Zombie Craze
The undead have never been more alive in the media, and now the BBC is getting in on the action with a 3-part television series entitled In the Flesh. In the same vein as the film Warm Bodies, there is a zombie cure but it’s based on science not love.

Four years after the “the rising,” scientists find a functional cure to the condition called PDS. The story follows Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry) as he attempts to reintegrate back into society but that was difficult even before he ate the neighbors. Kieren isn’t just a zombie, he’s a gay zombie!

“Kieren and Rick were childhood friends, did everything together, hung out together, and I think it’s a mystery, but they were very close and meant a lot to each other, and I think it was a friendship that spilled into something more than that,” Newberry explains.

In the Flesh premieres Sunday, March 17 at 10PM.