Should Rick Grimes go to Prison for Killing Zombies
Zombies are people too and killing them could have serious legal ramifications says James Daily, an attorney at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and co-author of The Law of Superheroes.

“If a zombie presents an immediate danger and lethal force is necessary, then the zombie could be killed,” Daily explains in the April issue of Playboy. “In some jurisdictions — particularly those without so-called stand your ground laws — one might have an obligation to retreat instead of using lethal force if it could be done safely. With slow-moving, mindless zombies, that might mean a lot of running and not much shooting.”

In The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes proactively kills zombies like “bicycle girl” who was virtually immobile and equally non-threatening child zombies: Summer and Sophia. If a cure is found, Rick might be a dead man walking.

“Since there’s no statute of limitations on murder, it could be prosecuted long after the zombie apocalypse was over,” Daily added.