Vampirella NuBlood - Review
Vampirella NuBlood is a one-shot comic based on the HBO series True Blood. All the characters are there but they’ve been renamed, most notably the show’s protagonist Snookie, now Spooky. However, the town and its residents are always on the periphery. They serve solely to examine the addiction to blood from which Vampirella suffers. NuBlood, a synthetic blood, seems to be the answer to her prayers until she discovers its ingredients. Vampi has none of the traditional vampire weaknesses such as sunlight or silver so she easily dispatches her evil brethren, who she unilaterally decides are incapable of her level of self-control. The real conflict is an internal battle with her own nature.

The digital comic includes 4 pages of script and line art, which is unfortunately partially obscured by superfluous color thumbnails in the corner. Cezar Razek’s artwork is in keeping with the actual True Blood comic but positively dull in comparison to the backup story illustrated by Bruce Timm. “Lust for Life” is a reprint from Vampirella #20 (1999), in which Vampirella falls in love with a painter that wants to literally capture her essence to extend his own life. This tale similarly serves to highlight her inner demons.

The book is a great introduction to Vampirella that will leave fangbangers thirsty for more.

Vampirella NuBlood - Bruce Timm Lust for Life Vampirella #20 (1999)