Afterlife with Archie
Following the success of last year’s zombie variant cover, Archie comics will see the return of the living dead in a new ongoing series: Afterlife with Archie.

Archie Jughead Zombie Hot DogAfterlife with Archie combines two of my great passions: Archie comics and horror comics,” says writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the brains behind the Carrie remake. “This series came out of conversations with Jon Goldwater, asking questions like ‘What if the Archie characters found themselves in a Stephen King novel like The Stand or a Sam Raimi movie like The Evil Dead?'”

The zombie apocalypse is unleashed when Sabrina the teenage witch casts a spell to resurrect Jughead’s dog, Hot Dog, which bites Jughead and makes him even more ravenous than usual. The first story arc “Escape from Riverdale” will be out late 2013.

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