Family Guy Incest -(12 and a Half Angry Men - Bathtub)

Glenn Quagmire is the resident sex pervert on Family Guy but the Griffin family has him beat when it comes to the biggest taboo: incest. From seeing each other naked to actual sex, there have been incestuous encounters between nearly every family member. Talk about keeping it in the family (giggity).

Griffin Family

In “12 and a Half Angry Men” Peter forces the whole family to squeeze into the bathtub until he’s no longer angry.

In “From Method to Madness” Peter and Lois embrace nudism to make Meg’s boyfriend feel welcomed in their home. Chris is also naked but for a totally different reason apparently. The family plays naked Yahtzee.

Lois and Larry

In “A House Full of Peters” Peter reveals he is sperm donor and reunites with his extended family. Peter’s son, Larry, kisses Lois. She confides in Brian, who immediately tries to kiss her but he’s rejected. “I thought that was kind like ‘I’m open for business.'” Larry continues to make advances until they are caught in the act by Peter, who challenges his son to fight and loses badly.

Stewie and Stewie

In “Road to the Multiverse” Stewie and Brian visit a parallel universe where a two-headed Stewie makes out with himself.

Chris and Stewie

In “Long John Peter” Chris and Stewie are set up on a blind date.

In “Dead Dog Walking” Chris and Stewie get addicted to vaping. They accidentally kiss while fighting over a vape pen. “I will never forget this day,” Chris wistfully says while walking away. The whole family finds out after Stewie confesses to Peter under the belief that he won’t be able to understand the talking baby. “I understand pieces now and then,” Peter reveals.

Meg and Stewie

In “Brian Goes Back to College” Stewie walks in on Meg undressing.

In “No Meals On Wheels” Stewie walks in on Meg towelling off, or as he calls it “that weird butt floss thing.”

In “Extra Large Medium” Meg and Stewie fart in the bathtub but when she has vaginal flatulence, he freaks out.