Brian and Meg

In “Bri, Robot” literally falls in love with himself when Stewie creates a robot Brian. “This isn’t weird,” Brian insists as they consumate their relationship on the living room couch.

Brian and Meg

In “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire” Brian gets drunk and hits on Meg on a cruise. He tells that they can screw around because she’s 17-years-old now.

In “Barely Legal” Brian reluctantly takes Meg to the prom. He gets drunk and kisses her. Meg becomes obsessed with Brian and makes him a pie with her hair in it then kidnaps him.

Peter and Meg

In “From Method to Madness” The Griffins embrace nudism to make their new neighbors more comfortable. Peter wins a game of Yahtzee then celebrates by thrusting in Meg’s face and chanting “In your face.”

In “Movin’ Out (Brian’s Song)” Peter and Meg have phone sex.

In “Foreign Affairs” Peter homeschools Chris and Meg. He gets naked then rides around on a scooter and Chris joins in.

In “Peter’s Daughter” Peter gives Meg a strip dance for her bachelorette party.

In “Let’s go to the Hop” Peter goes undercover at the high school and agrees to take Meg to the dance to make her more popular (12:00). He takes a Connie instead but then apologizes in front of everyone and says Meg is his dream girl (19:00).

In “Dial Meg for Murder” Meg goes to prison when she gets out she rapes Peter in the shower.

In “Peter’s Progress” Griffin Peterson (Peter) marries Megan (Meg) (13:00).