Carter Pewterschmidt and Peter

In “Scammed Yankees” Peter babysits his father-in-law, Carter. They debate what to do and then decide they ae thinking the same thing. It cuts the the two men bathing together in the tub though they both insist that’s not what they had in mind. Peter later suggests they watch porn together. Carter questions the appropriateness of that and Peter accuses him of making it weird. (3:10)

Barbara Pewterschmidt and Lois

In “Scammed Yankees” Lois and Barbara go to a spa and face each other for a mother daughter bikini wax, which is only recounted. They go off-screen to rub oil on each other.

Carter Pewterschmidt and Chris

In “Fresh Heir” Chris shows Carter how to masturbate then Carter pretends to have sex with him with his finger.

Carter Pewterschmidt and Lois

In “Model Misbehavior” Lois and Peter have sex on Carter, who is knocked unconscious (20:00).

In “Peter’s Progress” Carter Redbush (Pewterschmidt) asks if he can fondle Lady Redbush (Lois) (7:30).

Carter Pewterschmidt and Peter

In “Model Misbehavior” Lois and Peter have sex on Carter, who is knocked unconscious (20:00).

In “Christmas Guy” Peter makes Carter drink frothy eggnog and films it like a POV scene in a porn movie.

Barbara Pewterschmidt and Peter

In “Bill & Peter’s Bogus Journey” Lois cheats on Peter with President Bill Clinton. To make them even Lois gives Peter permission to sleep with her mother but he backs out at the last second. (17:30)

Dylan and Stewie

In “The Former Life of Brian” Brian’s son Dylan rooms with a naked Stewie, who can be heard on the baby monitor.

Stewie and Rupert

In “Stewie Kills Lois” A human Rupert wins Stewie a prize at the carnival. Stewie makes a Freudian slip and asks if he wants to ride the teabags instead of teacups.

In “Stewie Loves Lois” A human Rupert and Stewie frolic on the beach in Hawaii. (5:35)

In “Total Recall” Rupert gets recalled because of a possible choking hazard and Stewie says “That”s just a game we play.” (3:00)

New Brian and Rupert

In “The Man with Two Brians” Stewie kills New Brian for humping Rupert.