Kodomo No Jikan Ending (chapter 93)
Kodomo No Jikan, the controversial manga about a teacher that gets romantically involved with his precocious 3rd grade student, has reached its inevitable conclusion.

Daisuke Aoki and Rin Kokonoe finally hook up in chapter 93. Kokonoe agrees to wait 3 years for a kiss if Aoki sensei agrees to be the one to initiate it. Despite being almost 16-years-old, her body hasn’t matured at all but she points out that what he’s what he likes evidently. They rent a hotel room and do a lot more than kiss. Japan censors genitalia but her breasts are visible (what little there is to see). Their embrace is cut short though because he’s too big but they keep giving it the old college junior high try.

Volume 13 goes on sale July 12 and includes “a present to celebrate the conclusion.” It’s presumably a wedding since 16 is legal in Japan with parental consent, which her step-father reluctantly gives. He originally planned to marry her himself so it’s a relatively good ending.

Kodomo No Jikan chapter 93 lolicon