Teen Titans Go Legendary Sandwich Pie Bros. (Raven and Silkie Pretty Pretty Pegasus)
Teen Titans Go! should come with a content warning: “not intended for anyone but children.” It’s clearly not aimed towards those who grew up with the original series. In fact, it seems to be going for an even younger demographic than even the recent New Teen Titans shorts, and even that could still be appreciated by older fans.

The episodes revolve around the team’s everyday “funny business,” broken into 2 parts.

Teen Titans Go Legendary Sandwich Pie Bros. (Robin supermaket)In “Legendary Sandwich,” the normally broody Raven has a secret obsession with Pretty Pretty Pony, a My Little Pony parody. She sends the team on what she thinks is wild goose chase to collect the ingredients for a legendary sandwich that grants immortality and, more importantly, tastes great. While the rest of the team fights Sandwich Guardians, Robin waits in a long line at the supermarket (hilarity does not ensue). When they finally assemble the sandwich, their pet eats then promptly regurgitates it so they decide to watch Pretty Pretty Pony together.

Teen Titans Go Legendary Sandwich Pie Bros. (Mother Mae-Eye)In “Pie Bros.,” Beast Boy gets a job to buy Cyborg a birthday present. Despite having no experience, he inexplicably manages to land jobs like chemist, lawyer and surgeon but fails miserably at each one. He ends up working for Mother Mae-Eye, who bakes pies with human filling. The job strains their friendship and they have a food fight while their teammates are kidnapped for ingredients. They break out into song about pie and reconcile over the dessert, which bears a familiar color scheme. Rather than end on a dark note, their friends are shown bruised and battered but still alive.