X-Men Legacy #9 - X-Men Parodies Watchmen
David Haller AKA Legion, a mutant with god-like powers, and Blindfold, his clairvoyant girlfriend, teleport to the Moon in X-Men Legacy #9. She compares him to the similarly detached character Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen comic book.

“It’s about a guy with so much power he forgets how to be human,” she explains.

He clearly misses the point of the story. David tries to convince her that they must preemptively take care of a being named Arrkus before he attacks the X-Men. Blindfold refuses but he tells her that he doesn’t need her permission.

“I did it five hours ago,” he reveals à la Ozymandias.

X-Men Legacy #9 - I did it five hours ago (Watchmen parody)