Amazing Spider-Man VS Superior Spider-Man (Superior Spider-Man #19)
Doctor Octopus finally manages to beat Spider-Man by becoming him. The supervillain performs a mind swap and takes over as Superior Spider-Man. However, Peter Parker uses an Ock bot to partially transfer his brain waves back. He slowly begins to exert control until they haven an epic battle of wills in Superior Spider-Man #9.

At first, they fight through surrogates such as the memory of Uncle Ben and the burglar that killed him but then they literally face off. They peel back their faces like masks to reveal their own unique Spider-Man costumes. They slug it out but it’s their words that really hurt. Doc Ock wins by forcing Peter to confess to an uncharacteristically selfish act, in which he attempted to interfere with an operation to save a little girl because it would give Doctor Octopus access to the brain scanner that allows him to locate and erase Peter’s brainwaves. The disgraced hero drops to his knees in defeat. His memories are erased until he forgets his name and fades away.

Obviously Peter Parker will be back so this must not be the real Peter Parker. Thank god, given his moral failing. We haven’t necessarily seen the last digital clone of Spider-Man though. Doctor Octopus notes that the Ock bot still contains Peter’s memories and orders his robot servant, Living Brain, to delete them but what if he doesn’t or in the process Peter gets transferred into the Living Brain? The Mind Swap Saga continues…

Amazing Spider-Man VS Superior Spider-Man - girl operation (Superior Spider-Man #19)