Most Racist Commercial Ever (Mountain Dew Odd Future thugs)
PepsiCo has pulled what’s being dubbed the “most racist commercial ever.” Of course that’s only if you subscribe to erroneous belief that blacks can’t be racist toward whites.

The commercial in question was the third part in series about a talking goat addicted to Mountain Dew. The animal assaults a white woman and is held for a police lineup along with several black men dressed as thugs. The criminals are played by members of the hip-hop collective Odd Future including co-founder Tyler, The Creator. The commercial was actually brainchild of Tyler, who is black and (I’m guessing) not racist against himself.

Most Racist Commercial Ever (Wamu Bankers VS Mountain Dew thugs)

While black people are off limits, white people are fair game.

During the Great Recession, Washington Mutual (WaMu) produced a commercial that demonized bankers as a monolithic group of stodgy old white men. A young black man keeps the bankers in a holding pen and uses them as a focus group for what not to do. They become enraged over his proposal to eliminate bank fees but he pacifies them with a giant bottle of champagne. Just imagine the outrage there would have been if the races were reversed in this scenario and the champagne was malt liquor.

Not only was the commercial not pulled, they made more of them. This time the bankers were so unhappy that WaMu was eliminating fees that they threatened to jump off a building. Their equally greedy wives talked them out of it. “Who’s gonna pay from my liposuction?” a wife asks. Can you picture a bunch of baby mamas were asking for lip and butt enlargement?

Next WaMu took a whack at Italians American by portraying them as mobsters that the typical bank sics on customers. Do you think for one second that they’d ever make the debt collectors stereotypical black gangsters? Forget about it.

Without a doubt, these commercials are far more racist but where was the political correctness then?