China one child policy
Ever since China implemented its one-child policy, there has been a growing gender gap. For every 100 girls born there are 119 boys, which are preferred by many families for economic reasons. This has created an entire generation of perpetual bachelors known as “bare branches” because they will never bear fruit.

Perhaps not coincidentally, there has been a sharp increase in sexual harassment according to a phone survey conducted by Canton Public Opinion Research Center. Nearly half of women ages 16-25 reported an increase in sexual harassment over the past 3 years, most of it occurring on mass transit.

Recently, Beijing police and public transport authorities addressed the problem by telling women to cover up.

China Daily reports:

The guideline, published by the traffic department under the Beijing Public Security Bureau on Monday, says women should not wear minimal clothing, such as mini skirts or hot pants when taking public transportation and should call police promptly if they are sexually harassed.

Women are advised to not sit on higher levels of buses and to stand on lower stairs, to avoid being the target of inappropriate picture-taking, and they should shelter their bodies with bags, magazines and newspapers.

Chinese woman in hairy stockingsOne woman refuses to cover up her legs and has resorted to wearing hairy stockings in order to avoid unwanted attention, which apparently does not include being stared at by millions of strangers on the internet.

The questionable fashion statement went viral after it was posted on Sina Weibo, a Chinese Twitter.

The photo caption reads: “Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out.”

Hair based clothing seems to be growing on people.

A dairy company in the UK is promoting its manly milk with a new ad campaign featuring a manscaped model in fur coat made of chest hair!