Fist of Jesus posterFist of Jesus is a parody that presents the messiah as a total screwup, so much so that he makes his sidekick Judas (Noé Blancafort) look good. Jesus (Marc Velasco) resurrects Lazarus as a zombie! He screams like a girl and runs away but eventually goes all Old Testament on them. His weapon of choice is a fish that multiplies into yet more fish, including a (chain) sawfish.

Even without the English subtitles, it translates into laughs of biblical proportions. There’s just something about watching our Savior committing gratuitous violence and enjoying it! He’s completely incorrigible. Despite failing to evangelize anyone, he boasts: “At least we sent a great number of souls to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

In the works is a sequel called “Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem.” To help spread the word they’ve released a Fist of Jesus prequel, in which Jesus cures blindness with similar results. Visit the official website to donate or buy a t-shirt if you don’t subscribe to the axiom “It’s better to give than to receive.”