Fur Coat Made of Chest Hair
Manscaping has turned men into boys but there’s a new manly milk that’s putting the hair back on their chests.

Arla Foods is promoting Wing-Co chocolate milk with a new ad campaign that features men doing manly things like brandishing a super-sized flamethrower, performing a fireman’s carry on a lion, and sporting a fur coat made of chest hair.

The company says it’s in response to what it calls the “manning down” of British blokes.

“The product is set to grow the dairy drinks category by appealing to these balanced blokes by helping them to man up against hunger, countering the insight that they feel less manly when they’re hungry,” Arla said.

The slogan touts: “The manly chocolate milk for men with added man.”

If you’re lactose intolerant you can buy the coat for $3,800.

Women can accessorize their chest hair coat with hairy stockings from China!

Wing-Co milk ad (flamethrower and lion)