Futurama Parodies ETE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial gets parodied in latest Futurama episode “T.: The Terrestrial.”

The story of a boy befriending an alien is inverted. Fry gets stranded on Omicron Persei 8, where he’s the alien. He’s taken in by Jrrr, much to the chagrin of his father Lrrr, who wants his son to earn a human killing merit badge. Fry is lured out of a tool shed with what he thinks are Reese’s pieces but later learns are feces pieces, though he doesn’t stop eating them. Jrrr names him T. for turd eater.

The homesick human attempts to phone home using a series of high tech communication devices, which he physically rearranges into a giant S.O.S. that Bender sees through the end of a beer bottle.

While waiting to be rescued, Fry hides in a toy closet filled with skulls but he’s discovered so they make a not-so magical escape on a flying bicycle.

Lrrr exclaims, “He’s escaping on bicycle powered by love, which is an ordinary thing on this planet.”

They visit a veterinarian, who informs Fry that his crappy diet is killing him and gives him a cure-all herb. It doesn’t seem to work until Bender arrives and Fry’s butt starts to glow.

Dr. Drrr explains, “The electromagnetic intensity of the robot’s friendship is causing the herbs in his bowels to bioluminesce with love… probably.”

Fry and Jrrr hug goodbye then both their butts glow with love or something.