Iron Man Secret Origin It was Aliens
If the History Channel program Ancient Aliens has taught us anything it’s that all of man’s greatest achievements are the work of aliens… even Iron Man’s achievements.

Iron Man #11 reveals that Tony Stark AKA Iron Man is the product genetic manipulation by aliens!

In fact, he wouldn’t have been born at all without the help of an alien robot named 451. It repaired a fatal genetic defect in utero but the procedure wasn’t completely altruistic. The robot believed the Earth had great potential so much so that it would be seen as a threat by the rest of the universe. He gave Stark increased intelligence to provide humanity with a technological leap in order to defend themselves.

An ultrasound shows genetic modifications such as a cognitive ability boost to the theoretical maximum but not all the changes are upgrades. His spirituality is downgraded in favor of practicality. The most shocking alteration is an input sensation enhancement that gives him an addictive personality and explains his long battle with alcoholism.

It’s a total cop-out to say Stark is the way he is because of alien intervention. It taints his accomplishments, excuses his failures and even diminishes humans in general. Iron Man is the Marvel Universe’s Batman. He was one of the few human superheroes in a world of gods, aliens, wizards, and mutants.

Even Ultimate Iron Man recently jumped on the superpower bandwagon with the introduction of a sidekick: Anthony, a talking tumor that controls technology!