Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man
Spider-Mobile (Ulimate Spider-Man Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 130)Ultimate Spider-Man gets downsized in the super-sized season premiere. Spidey and his friends encounter an Asgardian Norn Stone and they are transformed into children in second episode: Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man.

Spider-Baby insists size doesn’t matter but Nick Fury assigns them to the Daily Advanced Youth Character And Regimented Education center (D.A.Y.C.A.R.E.). It’s supposedly never been used before; however, inside they meet a pint-sized troublemaker obsessed with Thor (Travis Willingham), who has also been transformed. It turns out the problem child is really the trickster god, Loki (Troy Baker).

When his ruse is revealed, Loki summons an Asgardian robot known as the Destroyer. Fittingly, the child superheroes defeat the Destroyer with toys including a dune buggy that bears an uncanny resemblance to the ill-conceived Spider-Mobile introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #130.