Oscar Mayer Father's Day Gift
Bacon is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the man who’s always bringing it home. That’s the idea behind a new Oscar Mayer campaign called “Say It With Bacon.”

Tom Bick, Oscar Mayer’s senior marketing director, said in a press release: “Before, I was a statistic on Father’s Day. Like everyone else, I was showered with ties, coffee mugs and after shave over the years. But really, who wants a tie when you can have bacon?”

The campaign features a diamond commercial parody with wide-eyed men drooling over their present but the gift is no joke. The company is really selling this ‘luxury’ bacon (naturally hardwood smoked) through an equally posh website, complete with a buyer’s guide that explains the “four C’s of bacon: cut, color, cure and consistency.”

The Oscar Mayer Original Collection comes with one of three bacon-themed accessories:

    The Commander – Money clip engraved “Bringin’ it Home”

    The Matador – Bacon-shaped cufflinks

    The Woodsman – Swiss army knife with a bacon strip on the handle

The collection is available until July 1 but it’s currently sold so you’ll have follow Oscar Mayer on Twitter to find out when it’s back in stock.

Fortunately, the website FAQ section points out:

Original Strip, featuring the 4C Standard of Quality, is available at fine retailers across America, wherever groceries are sold.