Godzilla Sitings
Godzilla has been “spotted” heading for the west coast!

You can track the monster on Godzilla Encounter, a viral website that aggregates fictitious news reports such as a Japanese fishing vessel reporting a “black iceberg” and a Hawaiian surfer detecting seismic activity moving toward the island. Highlighted letters in the headlines offer further clues. Currently we only have an “s” and “e” which isn’t much to go on. Perhaps it’s a hint as to Godzilla’s final destination, possibly San Diego or Los Angeles.

Of course, no one has actually seen the creature since it’s computer generated but the damage left in its wake is very real. Waikiki has been transformed into a war zone as filming gets underway.

“The headline is going to be Godzilla invades Waikiki,” Godzilla publicity coordinator Ernie Malik told KHON2. “And without giving too much away we’ve set up a federal emergency management triage center because something the night before has destroyed part of Waikiki beach.”


Highlighted letters are now “s” “e” “r” and “i”
Could Godzilla invade Beverly Hills?
If the letters are in order, it might be a reference to the Seri people of Mexico.


Highlighted letters are now “s” “e” “r” “i” “z” “a” “w” “a” which spells Serizawa as in Daisuke Serizawa, the scientist who invented the Oxygen Destroyer in the original Godzilla (1954).