Re-Subscribe Before Google Reader and Feedburner Shut Down
Okay procrastinators, today is the last day for Google Reader and Feedburner is sure to follow. Feedburner stats went down for several days this week… again.

L7 World will now offer RSS feeds and Email feeds directly so make you re-subscribe RIGHT NOW! It’s never been easier, just look at all those glossy icons in the sidebar. At the very least, you should bookmark the site. You don’t want to be scratching your head tomorrow thinking: “What was that site’s name again? Square Planet?” (oh now I get)

If you’re not already subscribed, then you’re already missing out on cool things like my Paula Deen Cartoon, which will be uploaded later today.

If you still need a Google Reader alternative check out Feedly. It features a one-click import for all your subscriptions!