Wolfman VS Godzilla Lost Film Found
Mark Jaramillo could very well be the ultimate Godzilla fan. After years of searching, he unearthed a treasure thought to be only a rumor: Wolfman VS Godzilla.

It’s a fan film but these aren’t just any fans. They’re Toho staff, who created the studio quality production during their free time. Jaramillo managed to track down the film’s director Shizuo Nakajima to obtain production stills and an actual clip, which debuted last year at G-Fest XIX. Contrary to popular belief, there’s more than the few minutes uploaded to YouTube. A lot more.

“Over ten hours of raw footage exists,” Jaramillo reveals to SciFi Japan. “Post production such as editing, sound design, and visual effects have been in progress slowly over the past few decades. This was a meticulous labor of love years in the making.”

G-Fest XX will screen more footage and feature a special guest appearance by Nakajima.

G-Fest XX:
Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel
Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, IL
Saturday July 13 at 1:00 PM (Ballroom 2)
Sunday July 14 at 10:00 AM (Midway)
Tickets: $40 weekend pass and $25 day pass

Legendary Giant Beast Wolfman VS Godzilla
Densetsu No Kyojuu Ookami Otoko Tai Gojira (伝説の巨獣狼男対ゴジラ):