This October Dark Horse will immortalize the gratuitous sex and violence of the grindhouse genre in the indelible panels of a comic book. Alex de Campi (Smoke, Ashes) pens Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight, which will feature four 2-issue stories each 48-pages long. The first of which is “Bee Vixens from Mars,” a B-movie plot about an alien invasion of bee women reproducing with Earth men by laying their eggs in them! A preview shows a couple of lesbians enjoying some sweet honey (and bee nectar too) while their boyfriend is away.

Free preview of “Bee Vixens from Mars!”

“Grindhouse is the comic your mother warned you about. Seriously. You know when grownups told you comics were filthy, immoral trash? They were talking about this comic specifically,” explains De Campi. “Books like Grindhouse were the reason the Comics Code was invented. And if you’re in a very conservative or evangelical part of the US, you should be careful where you read it. Each story is two issues of solid gore, gratuitous nudity, and over-the-top badassery. It’s filthy. It’s violent. It’s really, really fun.”

She reveals in the July issue of Rue Morgue, “We actually had a lot of pushback from the publisher because the first issue was too gory and too raunchy — like there is suck a thing, right?” But if it sells well, four more stories are planned including one about a Barbarella type protagonist that’s sure to rile up the editors.

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