Drive-in Sex Box
The Swiss are literally driving streetwalkers out of town. Prostitutes will be encouraged to use drive-in sex boxes on the outskirts of Zurich. The love shacks provide added security for the women who are frequently assaulted and robbed. The narrow parking spaces are designed to keep Johns in their vehicles but allow the women to easily open the passenger side door and hit a panic button. They will also have access to kitchens, toilets and showers.

“We built the place to be secure for the sex workers. It also had to be discreet for the sex workers and the clientele,” said Michael Herzig, director of social services. “But we thought if we build the place, we can also make it look good.”

The project cost $2.6 million but taxpayers aren’t getting screwed. They voted 53% in favor of the plan to safeguard prostitution, which has been legal in Switzerland since 1942. Furthermore, the $760K annual maintenance will be partially offset by requiring the prostitutes to pay $43 for a yearly permit as well as $5.40 in tax per night (7PM to 5AM).