Police Protect Potheads from Munchies by Serving DoritosThis year’s Hempfest was ironically catered by the Seattle Police Department, dubbed “Operation Orange Fingers.” They handed out bags of Doritos that featured a PSA sticker with bite-sized tidbits about Initiative 502, which legalizes marijuana in Washington State. Do’s & don’ts of getting high included “do listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a reasonable volume” and “don’t use pot in public.” However, they didn’t take their own advice.

“We’re headed home. Feelin’ kinda Spacey,” the department tweeted along with a picture of actor Kevin Spacey.

The crowd went through a 1,000 bags in minutes (and they had some chips too). The Doritos are now being sold on eBay for up to $50. Not surprisingly, many of the bags are empty.

Hempfest Doritos Sticker