Superman Can't Be Everywhere at Once (Adventures of Superman #15)
Superman always seems to be everywhere at once. Usually this theme is explored from the point-of-view of the villains who either convince themselves otherwise or go out of their way to avoid Superman’s hometown, Metropolis.

Writer Kyle Killen inverts this plot line in Adventures of Superman #15

A fanboy named Mike intentionally puts himself in danger to lure his hero. He parks his car on the train tracks, certain that he’ll be saved in the nick of time. Tragically, Superman is delayed by Lex Luther, who gloats from his prison cell that his constant schemes prevent the Man of Steel from saving the day somewhere else.

“In that way, you can think of me as a sort of Johnny Appleseed spreading a healthy disdain for Superman’s nonsense,” Luthor explains while elsewhere Mike’s younger brother burns Superman memorabilia. “And as any farmer can tell you, if you plant enough seeds every once in awhile, one of them will reveal the potential to grow into something very, very interesting.”