The Awesomes Review
Hulu is teaming up with Seth Myers and other Saturday Night Live veterans in The Awesomes, a new original series about a group of imperfect superheroes trying to live up to their predecessors.

This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Superhero Team

When Mr. Awesome (Steve Higgins) retires from the superhero team that bears his name, his son Professor Doctor “Prock” Awesome (Seth Meyers) assumes he’ll inherit the mantle but the position is offered to Perfect Man (Josh Meyers), who declines along with everyone else. Worse, the whole team disbands rather than accept Prock as their leader. The fledgling superhero is given 24 hours to refill the roster so he enlists rejects that all have their own issues but aren’t lacking in power. In fact, they’re all more powerful than their leader. Prock can stop time but rather than use it to fight crime, he uses it to engage in introspection and exposition similar to when Zack Morris would declare a “time out” on Saved by the Bell. Muscleman (Ike Barinholtz) suggests their new slogan should be “The Awesomes: our bar is lower.”

The Awesomes potty humor

The show has both the look and feel of Drawn Together. There’s even an out-of-time character named Gadget Girl (Paula Pell), who rejoins the team after being exposed to a rejuvenation ray. Despite her youthful appearance, she’s still living in the past. Her computer password is “Little Black Sambo,” an infamously racist cartoon from the early twentieth century. Not all the humor is so subtle. On their first mission the Awesomes battle Compost, a sentient mass of mutated waste that “literally has shit for brains.” The only way to stop it is to flush it down the toilet so Impresario (Kenan Thompson) conjures up one with his mother still on it!

The Awesomes might be worth checking out if your “bar is lower.”