The Outsider Aflred Pennyworth (Justice League 23)
“The Justice League is Dead” declares the solicitation for Justice League #24. The butler did it. Justice League #23 reveals the mysterious bowler wearing villain known as the Outsider is actually Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth from Earth-3, a parallel Earth where good and evil are reversed. The Outsider opens a portal to Earth-3 for his masters the Crime Syndicate, an evil version of the Justice League with all of their superpowers but none of their restraint. The Crime Syndicate easily defeat their clean-cut counterparts except for Batman, who always been a little dark. Now it’s up to the supervillains to save the day in the new miniseries Forever Evil.

“The whole series is about good and evil and the shades of grey that society is,” writer Geoff Johns tells Big Shiny Robot. “I don’t think there’s necessarily pure good and evil people in the DC universe or reality, but there are all sorts of shades of grey that people exist on a spectrum of morality. So we see the Crime Syndicate come in and it’s really that Lex Luthor becomes a focal point in Forever Evil as one guy that thinks it’s his job to stop them. There are some really great reveals in Justice League 23 that we’ve been building to since the very first arc of Justice League and JLA and there’s some stuff in Justice League Dark that really pays off. 23 really and into 24, which highlights Ultraman and what he’s here for, what he’s all about and where he’s from, so there’s a lot of fun stuff coming up.”

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