Ubermansion Pilot
Adult Swim Pilots allowed viewers to watch six new shows online and vote for which to televise. On Sunday they aired the winner: Ubermansion Pilot.

It has a dysfunctional superhero team theme that’s virtually identical to that of The Awesomes by SNL’s Seth Myers but the look and feel has Seth Green (Robot Chicken) written all over it. Green along with creators Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich from Stoopid Buddy Studios used a stop motion animation style similar to Titan Maximum.

Ubermansion stars Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston as Titanium Rex, The League of Freedom’s geriatric leader who literally has death at his door. The rest of the roster includes Black Saturn, a Batman parody that always stays in character; Cooch, a skanky cat girl that bears more than a passing resemblance to Miley Cyrus; Brad, a macho man with sexual doubts; RoboBot, a sentient robot that wants to be human; and American Ranger, a Captain America parody with politically incorrect views.

Ubermansion - The League of Freedom (Titanium Rex, Black Saturn, Cooch, Brad, RoboBot, American Ranger)