Alyssa Milano Sex Tape SFW
Nothing to see here, unfortunately. The Alyssa Milano Sex Tape is actually a clever ploy to inform the general public about the ongoing conflict in Syria. Halfway into the video she kicks the camera toward a television airing a news report about Syria.

“I think it was a really fun way to get people to realize that there are important issues our country is dealing with right now,” Milano tells Mother Jones. “If people end up learning something about the crisis in Syria that’s a good thing—even if I had to do a sex tape to lure them in.”

The PSA is sorely need judging by this week’s man on the street skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Passersby were asked, “Do you agree with President Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval for military action against Miley Syria in response to twerking of civilians using VMAs?” One man spent a minute fully agreeing before admitting he didn’t understand the question.