The Fuzz Review - Sanchez (Jon Gabrus) Herbie (David Fino)
The Fuzz takes Sesame Street puppets and puts them on the mean streets. These grouches yell cute curses like “scrambled eggs,” get on high on jellybeans, and engage in gang bangs that result in gunshot wounds that squirt colorful blood.

There’s even a sex scene between a puppet and human! What’s really inappropriate is that there’s an audible slap when he spanks her with his fluffy hand. Then again, you’re probably not watching a puppet movie for the realism.

The Fuzzz Review -  Roxy (Rachel Bloom) Rainbow Brown (Peter Bradley) Sonny (Joseph R. Gannascoli).jpg
Puppet Rainbow Brown (Peter Bradley) is a small-time drug dealer with big dreams so he agrees to do a job for Jake (Nate Lang) but it’s a setup. What follows is the cutest gun shootout you’ve ever seen.

“Oowie!” cries out a puppet that’s been shot in the foot. “My footsy wootsy.”

The Fuzzz Review - Giuseppe CarrotThe police create a Puppet Crime Task Force in response to the P-Town massacre but it’s just for show. Officer Sanchez (Jon Gabrus) is reassigned from weapons locker duty and partnered with the police department’s sole puppet, Herbie (David Fino). Chief McNair (Dorothi Fox) scolds them for actually doing their job but Herbie is determined to find the murderer, who just happens to be his childhood friend.

Rainbow makes a new friend when he delivers the stolen drug money to Jake’s father Sonny (Joseph R. Gannascoli). The crime boss is really just using him like a puppet but Rainbow is soon pulling the strings. Rainbow falls in love with Sonny’s wife Roxy (Rachel Bloom) and whacks his boss but Jake survives.

Despite Chief McNair’s warnings, Sanchez and Herbie decide to put an end to this turf war. Herbie slaps on a fake mustache and comes up with the ingenious alias “Flerbie.” He quickly become friends with Rainbow but contrary to what you might expect, Herbie makes no real effort to redeem his old pal.

The Fuzz Review - flashback Rainbow Brown (Peter Bradley) Herbie (David Fino)Rainbow comes off as a sympathetic character and find yourself rooting for the scruffy scoundrel. The cops have long ignored crime in P-Town. They even brag about committing crime themselves to let off steam. An adorable flashback shows the puppet pals singing on street corners for nickels and getting robbed by an evil Big Bird puppet. Rainbow insists they have to stand up for themselves and chases down the thief with a bat. Meanwhile, Herbie calls the cops, which gets his friend thrown in jail for assault. In their final showdown, Herbie tries to reach Rainbow by singing their duet but there’s no warm, fuzzy ending for this puppet.

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