Kiss Futurama Goodbye
“Avenge us,” read the blood-written subtitle for the open credits of the Futurama series finale but don’t start that petition to save Futurama just yet.

Co-creator David X. Cohen told TV Guide he doesn’t want the show to be renewed as it would waste this heartfelt ending, which is the culmination of the series.

Futurama Bender Shogun WarriorsThe episode opens with Leela and Fry returning to where they made their first delivery: the Moon, which is an amusement park in the future. Leela gets ejected from an amusement ride and the security guards give Fry good news and bad news. The good news is that they found the stuffed animal he won her. The bad news is his wife is dead. She’s not my wife he tells them. In that case there is no bad news they reply. Fortunately, Leela survives the vacuum of space by hiding inside the toy.

The incident motivates Fry to finally propose to Leela. He waits for her answer atop the Vampire State Building with a time button that will allow them to travel back in time 10 seconds so they can relive the moment. When she doesn’t show, he jumps to his death only to see her arriving moments before he hits the pavement. He uses the time button but he’s already been falling for more than 10 seconds so he perpetually falls until he breaks the button and freezes time for everyone but Fry and Leela. Nevertheless, Fry and Leela get married by dragging their mannequin-esque friends and family to the wedding. They grow old together in a touching time-lapse sequence where they visit exotic locations… to have sex such as the Eiffel Tower and the Professor’s desk.

They return to finish their champagne at the Vampire State Building where they meet the Professor, who offers to reset time but warns them that they will forget all the years they spent together as husband and wife.

“What do you say?” Fry asks Leela. “Wanna go around again.”

“I do,” she answers.

They kiss and everything fades white as time resets. It’s an episode you won’t soon forget… wait what was I saying?