Krypton Not Destroyed (Adventures of Superman 22)
We all know Superman’s origin story or do we? Writer Marc Guggenheim delivers earth-shattering news in “Tears for Krypton,” a 3-part story beginning in Adventures of Superman #22. A STAR Labs scientist tells the supposedly last Kryptonian that they’ve found his home planet intact! Superman admits his Kryptonian is rusty so he replays the recording from his father, Jor-El, who confirms that the destruction of Krypton is a scientific certainty. The message continues to play as Superman flies home to see firsthand.

“You will be the bearer of Krypton’s legacy,” Jor-El tells his son. “Because of you and only you, Kal-El my son, Krypton will never die.”

The last part proves true, at least. Superman finds lit cities on the planet but don’t expect a happy reunion given the story title and cover, which shows his deadbeat dad in manacles for causing panic with his predictions. The heart breaking conclusion reveals it’s a trap!