Robocop Reboot Trailer Too Dark
The Robocop Reboot trailer features a much darker hero, literally. Robocop’s suit of armor initially resembles the original, at least in color, but later it’s painted black to make it more “tactical.” The changes aren’t just superficial. The sleeker design offers him greater mobility but less charm. Robocop isn’t supposed to be nimble. He doesn’t need to be. He’s already super strong and bulletproof! Why not add a jet pack while you’re at it… oh wait, they did that in Robocop 3. Part of what made Robocop our hero was his weaknesses. His clunky suit, blind spots and short circuiting created drama by giving him an obstacle to overcome and therefore a reason for us to root for him. They compound this error by creating an army Ed-209 drones, effectively relegating the big bad to a minor minion.