The Church of Superman (Adventures of Superman 19 - suicide jumpers)
Superman is used to saving people but what about their souls? The saint of the superhero world inspires an online cult called The Church of Superman in “Saved!” a 2-part story starting in Adventures of Superman #19.

The church members announce that they will jump off buildings at the same time in the belief that Superman will miraculously same them all. Superman pays a visit to home of the webmaster disguised with a fake mustache that makes him look like a 70s porn star but there’s no happy ending here. The church founders are just con artists exploiting their daughter’s Superman blog.

The Church of Superman (Adventures of Superman 19 - mustache)
Superman devises a plan to make them lose their faith in him by throwing a fight with a Metallo duplicate from STAR Labs. The thrashing he receives like a modern day crucifixion.

“Not so super now, are you?” Metallo gloats. “Just a pathetic sack of bones. Just a man like any other.”

His disillusioned flock return to their homes.

“Ironically, you did end up saving them all,” comments a STAR scientist.

Writer David Lapham seems be suggesting that the idea Superman and Jesus are one in the same might not be so crazy after all.

Adventures of Superman #15 featured a similar plot, in which a Superman fan gets himself killed trying to lure his hero.

The Church of Superman (Adventures of Superman 19 - Metallo crucifixion)