The Mocking Dead 1
Ever wonder if you could survive the zombie apocalypse? The government has. In 1981, the Defense Intelligence Agency hired uber nerd Aaron Bunch to create contingency plans to fictional movies inspiring real-life events like President Reagan’s Star Wars program. Project “Tinseltown” is eventually shut down because of Aaron’s eccentricities but he is drafted at gunpoint when zombies appear for real! Oddly, it was the first scenario he prepared for. In fact, the zombie outbreak is eerily similar to his favorite zombie movie, The Mocking Dead.

It’s basically the opposite take of The Walking Dead, where the word zombies doesn’t even exist. But not everyone is prepared for the “mass posthuman population conversion” or the zombie apocalypse as noobs on the net call it. Can Aaron educate the public about zombies before it’s too late? The comic covers cleverly play on this in the form of PSAs from the Center for Deadly Disease Control and Prevention (CDDC). Don’t miss this comic, your life may depend on it!

The Mocking Dead covers