The Star Wars Original Script Comic Adaptation
The Star Wars #1 (Doug Wheatley Ultravariant Cover).jpgA long time ago there was a far different version of George Lucas’ iconic space opera, which was originally titled The Star Wars.

The script was literally ahead of its time says writer J.W. Rinzler, who adapted the story into an 8 issue miniseries for Dark Horse comics.

“This is not something you could film,” Rinzler told the AP. “Here’s a giant city and then here’s a giant vista filled with huge spacecraft. (Lucas) was doing his blue sky version of what he wanted to do. He knew this was not going to be filmable.”

The characters and their relationships are significantly different but plot is roughly the same. The “Jedi-Bendu” have been all but been wiped out by the Galactic Empire.

The Emperor is now just a politician not a Sith Lord but he still has his right-hand man, Darth Vader, who is now able-bodied!

The Star Wars comic (Kane Starkiller - cyborg)

The rebel Jedi Kane Starkiller isn’t so lucky. His battles with the Sith have left him more machine than man. Kane is dying and takes his only surviving son, Annikin Skywalker, to finish his training under the tutelage of General Luke Skywalker!

“The older General Skywalker to me is so much cooler than Obi-Wan,” artist Mike Mayhew tells CNN. “This character is like Captain America, a bigger than life hero.”

In fact, the normally stoic Jedi are more like Errol Flynn-types than warrior monks says Rinzler.

Other notable changes:
Han Solo is a green reptilian alien.
Stardestroyers are small 2-man vehicles.
Storm troopers have “lazerswords.”
R2-D2 talks!

The first issue is sold out but you can still grab the Jan Duursema Variant Cover and Doug Wheatley Ultravariant Cover.