The Abominable Snow Job - Bigfoot just a Bear says Scientist
Bigfoot, or yeti as it’s known in the Himalayas, is a subspecies or hybrid of an ancient polar bear says Bryan Sykes, a genetics professor at Oxford. Sykes analyzed hair samples from reported yetis and found a 100% DNA match with a 120,000-year-old jawbone found in Svalbard, Norway.

“I don’t think it means there are ancient polar bears wandering around the Himalayas,” he clarified. “But we can speculate on what the possible explanation might be. It could mean there is a sub species of brown bear in the High Himalayas descended from the bear that was the ancestor of the polar bear. Or it could mean there has been more recent hybridisation between the brown bear and the descendent of the ancient polar bear.”

The remains of the creature show it had brown hair and was approximately 5 feet tall but it might be more aggressive and bipedal than the average bear leading witnesses to misidentify it as the mythical monster.

Bigfootologists shouldn’t consider this a personal attack on them insists the geneticist. He explained that science merely examines the evidence, which in fairness was only two samples.

The research will be featured on Bigfoot Files, a new documentary series airing October 20 on Channel 4.