Black Zombies Invade South Park (World War Zimmerman)
South Park World War Zimmerman (Trayvon Token Stand Your Ground Law George Zimmerman electrocuted)In the latest episode of South Park “World War Zimmerman” Eric Cartman becomes convinced it’s only a matter of time until black people go on a violent rampage in response to the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Cartman tries to protect himself by befriending Token, the school’s only black boy. He constantly asks him to fist bump and even writes a rap song about how he had nothing to do with shooting of Trayvon Martin, which is the final straw. When Token confronts him, Cartman thinks the black zombie outbreak has begun and dresses up as Brad Pitt’s character from World War Z. Cartman hijacks a plane to Iceland because of its lack of black people but it crashes after he finds black man on board. The dying pilot begs him to find and kill patient zero, Token.

“Alright, I promise. I won’t let the black people riots destroy the world,” Cartman tells the pilot, who is clearly shocked to discover he’s been following a racist.

Jimbo sells Cartman a grifle but informs him that he can’t shoot someone unless they break into his house because Colorado is not a Stand Your Ground state. Cartman decides to kill George Zimmerman instead. He flies to Florida where the military is attempting to recruit Zimmerman to kill Token because he’s the best at killing young African American children. As they try to convince Zimmerman, his racist sixth sense alerts him to Cartman sneaking up on him wearing blackface camouflage. Zimmerman shoots Cartman and the military men applaud him until they discover the boy is white. Zimmerman is immediately found guilty then electrocuted, repeatedly. Back in South Park, Cartman ties up lose ends. He spray paints a circle on the ground and asks Token to fist bump. When Token enters the circle, Cartman shoots him and invokes Stand Your Ground. Unlike Trayvon Martin, Token survives and he’s forced to apologize to Cartman for invading his personal space. He becomes enraged and asks why the law doesn’t get applied equally to blacks and whites. Cartman says “Here we go again.”

There’s something for everyone to offend by in this episode. I, for one, do not condone the shooting of Token nor do I work for Comedy Central in any capacity. To show my solidarity, I made this George Zimmerman electrocuted gif for all my black people visitors. Fist bump? Fist bump?

South Park World War Zimmerman (George Zimmerman electrocuted)