Carrie Prank Blows Minds
In the trailer for the new Carrie movie, the psychic protagonist reveals “There are other people out there like me, who can do what I can do.”

Patrons of a West Village coffee shop found out firsthand when they witnessed a real-life Carrie prank by Thinkmodo, which specializes in viral marketing.

The actress, Andrea Morales, freaks out when a man spills coffee on her. She throws him up against a wall using telekinesis (i.e.; wires and pulleys). Remote control tables disperse and spring-loaded books fly off the shelves while actors run for their lives.

“There was not one person there whose eyes didn’t pop,” ThinkModo co-founder James Percelay told the Daily News. “You see everything in New York, but you don’t see someone flying up a wall. I think the most jaded New Yorker was surprised.”

One woman was so scared that she could look away… from her phone! Even as she backs away screaming, she continues to record the event. I guess movies like The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield are realistic after all.