In the Flesh Season 2 in Production

In the Flesh season 2 started production earlier this month with Luke Newberry reprising his role as Kieren Walker, a gay zombie seeking acceptance in both worlds. The second season will expand that theme to the whole zombie community, or as they’re known on the show PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) suffers.

The fragile peace in Roarton is broken when the Undead Liberation Army (ULA) launches a series of attacks that give rise to the radical Pro-Living Party, Victus. Both groups have set their sights on Kieren, who just wants get out of town after the loss he suffered last season.

Creator Dominic Mitchell says “Returning to Roarton village has been a real joy, revisiting old characters and inventing new ones, entangling their lives and their loves. My hope is that In the Flesh season two will have something for everyone: with high octane genre thrills running alongside emotional, hard hitting domestic drama, with plenty of black humor to boot.”

In the Flesh Season 2 will air in 2014 as a 6 part miniseries on BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday.