Gay Puppets Give Birth to Controversy Sheka and Teka (Socket and Plug)
Israel Electric Corp mascots Sheka and Teka (Socket and Plug) have been promoting clean energy for over a decade but some people think they’re more than just business partners. The latest commercial seems to remove all doubt. The puppets pick up a baby from the maternity ward. Plug congratulates Socket on becoming a father; however, there’s no mention of the other parent.

The LGBT community says the ad is still too ambiguous but the company issued a similar response to that of Sesame Workshop, which denies Bert and Ernie have any sexuality either straight or gay.

“They represent the concerned Israeli, who is really worried about the air quality he is breathing and the environment he lives in. The baby that was born now represents the next generation,” senior vice president Oren Helman told the Associated Press. “There are no hints or ambiguities here.”