The Geek's Guide to Dating preview (Eric Smith)
Still can’t find your Peach Princess? Then pick up a copy of The Geek’s Guide to Dating. Writer Eric Smith (Geekadelphia) uses geek culture references to give dating tips geared to geeky guys but that can also be used by geeky girls to put the dating game on easy mode.

As “Player One” your first priority is to figure out your character class: Pop Culture Geek, Technogeek or Academic Geek. All of which have their own strengths and weaknesses, plus special abilities which are ranked +1 (average), +2 (above average) and +3 (highly superior).

Gamers, for example, have a competitive nature that can be a strength in the dating scene (+3 sense of adventure). Their weakness is a tendency to see a girl as a damsel in distress or worse a reward (+1 empathic sensor). Smith recommends thinking of her as a Non-player character (NPC) that gives you quests to complete to win her favor.

Pick up geeky girls at video game stores, arcade/bar combinations, book stores, coffee shops and your local comic book store.

“Free Comic Book Day often falls on the same weekend as the opening of a major (geeky) motion picture,” Smith writes. “Instant date idea!”

Remember to use your special abilities for good like Green Lantern Hal Jordan (before he turned into the supervillain Parallax). Show interest in her hobbies but don’t be confrontational. No matter how flawless your logic, winning a debate won’t win you a girlfriend.

Release date: December 3 2013
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