Making Monsters - Mirror Mirror Giant Zombie podium
Everything was bigger in the season premiere of Making Monsters. Starting with back-to-back episodes. In “Mirror, Mirror Giant Zombie,” Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown hires Distortions Unlimited to design a giant zombie that appears to be coming through the floor. The cranimum of which served as the podium for the ADIM 13 conference.

Making Monsters - Distorters Make the Best Monsters (giant head)Distortions Unlimited President Ed Edmunds is left speechless when Brown shows up in full costume to examine the progress. Even before the paint job he’s impressed but when he see the finished product, Brown declares it’s their best work yet.

In “Distorters Make the Best Monsters,” Edmunds tells sculptor Jordu Schell to make a giant alien head but he doesn’t specify which type of alien until after it’s done.

Schell’s reaction inspired a second mask of a giant baby crying, which turned out to be the big seller at Houston Halloween & Party Expo.

Making Monsters - Distorters Make the Best Monsters (Vampire Breasts)
Edmunds is the one who’s crying when he sees a “volumptuous” vampiress by sculptor Mikey Rotella. He insists that Halloween should be scary not sexy.

“For Distortions Halloween is about monsters,” Edmunds explains. “It’s about screaming, bloody, evil, nasty monsters and that’s what’s pretty.”

He’s ultimately outvoted and ignored altogether. The perky breasts, which seem to float, are actually enhanced to make them more realistic, ironically.

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