Miley Cryus We Can't Stop Parody on SNL Taran Killam as John Boehner
Naked Miley Cyrus didn’t make an appearance on Saturday Night Live this week. She declined to do a sketch about the controversial “Wrecking Ball” music video. The news came as a shock to a very much naked Bobby Moynihan.

“What!? Come on, Miley,” he exclaimed. “My mom is here.”

Miley Cyrus We Can't Stop Parody on SNL Michele Bachmann

Even with her clothes on, the pop star managed turn heads with a “We Can’t Stop” parody called “We Did Stop (the government)” featuring Miley Cyrus as Michele Bachmann and Taran Killam as John Boehner. The long hair was big improvement over her shaved head. Miley has never looked more beautiful. The contrast between her appearance and her actions made the tongue flashes seem even hotter like a sexy MILF or in this case sexy politician. Killam, on the other hand, well… let’s just say I’ll never be able to look at the Speaker of House the same way again.