New Godzilla Monster Leaked
Godzilla 1954 vinyl figureUrban-Collector briefly took pre-orders for Gozilla 2014 toy set that includes a monster called Muto.

Item description (cached):

Godzilla 2014 Movie Deluxe Destruction Pack Case is an Urban Collector pre-order. Bring the excitement of Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla home with this deluxe ‘Destruction Pack’ featuring figures of Godzilla and the exclusive 8-legged Muto measuring 3.5′. Set includes two kaiju, plus three (3) destructible buildings & bridge, and five (5) military vehicles. Widnow box packaging.

The creature sounds like a giant spider similar to Kumonga (pictured above) rather than the giant centipede (pictured below) featured in the leaked Godzilla trailer.

Muto seems to be a generic term for giant monsters. Another sold out pre-order for a chibi Godzilla pack includes multiple mutos, plural (cached).

Godzilla toy photo leaked

Leaked Godzilla trailer centipede