Playboy model Cristy Nicole

Two separate women are fighting for their jobs after their employers learned they posed for Playboy.

Jessica Zelinske worked as an ad sales executive for Charter Communications, in Minnesota. The single mother was canned after posing nude for Playboy’s Hot Housewives but Zelinske says she cleared the photo shoot with them first. She’s filed a $150,000 lawsuit for wrong termination; however, it’s unlikely to succeed. Minnesota is an employment at-will state, meaning a company can fire an employee for any reason other discrimination against a protected class.

Dallas high school teacher, Cristy Nicole Deweese, posed for Playboy’s Coed of the Month when she was just 18-years-old. Several parents have called for her to be fired because their children can’t help but imagine their teacher naked now. It’s a “a murky situation” says Education Agency spokeswoman Debbie Ratcliffe.

“It wasn’t an illegal activity but it raises the question about whether that action violated the Educators’ Code of Ethics,” Ratcliffe explains. “The educator shall be of good moral character and be worthy to instruct or supervise the youth of this state.”