Rihanna crowned queen of monsters (sexy Medusa)GQ Britain celebrates its 25th anniversary with a monster-size spread of Rihanna dressed as a sexy Medusa, which was previewed earlier this week.

The intricate snake crown was actually created on a white bust then Photoshopped onto Rihanna’s head. She ‘only’ handled the 4 foot and 6 foot pythons that doubled as a snake bra for the topless model. Even that proved to be too much for the star, who tried to slither out of doing the photo shoot altogether.

“She arranged to come to the studio about five times, I think,” said artist Damien Hirst. “She never made it. It made me laugh, actually, because that precisely what I used to be like back in the glory days. I just kept missing appointments; going out on Friday night and turning up to meeting on Monday morning like a tramp, still of my head. I waited a few times for her; getting a taste of my own medicine.”

The shoot is part of a larger collection called Treasures, which includes paintings and sculptures of Medusa.

“I’ve been working on it for about four years and it probably won’t be finished for another four,” he revealed.