Russian President Vladimir Putin Zombie Game.jpg
You Don’t Mess With Putin not even if you’re a zombie.

This new mobile game pits the Russian President and his American sidekick, Comrade Mike, against an undead army led by the Russian mystic Rasputin.

Putin kills zombies like everything he does — with style. After stabbing a zombie, he exclaims “Give me back my pen!” An apparent reference to a confrontation with billionaire Oleg Deripaska. Putin ordered Deripaska to sign an agreement then demanded his pen back.

Creator Michele Rocco Smeets says it’s not propaganda but admits to having a man crush on the shirtless leader.

“I’m not supporting socialism – I just like the guy, as a person and as a leader,” Smeets told the RIA Novosti. “Putin has this tough guy image and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He hunts, he rides, he shoots. A leader should be strong, and in my opinion Putin is the only world leader who really fulfills this image.”

You Don’t Mess With Putin is a free download available on iTunes and Google Play October 31.