Bacon deodorant for when you sweat like a pigWhen bacontrepreneurs Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow started J&D Foods in 2007 they corned the market on bacon flavored food products like bacon salt and Baconnaise. Now they’re getting in on the ground floor of bacon flavored scents starting with a bacon deodorant called Power Bacon.

“I call it an odorant,” Lefkow told Yahoo Shine. “It’s the ultimate aphrodisiac for armpits.”

They recommend applying liberally to the armpits and nether regions but at $10 per stick, you might want to save it for special occasions like when you’re not around people or animals, especially animals.

“Don’t explore the wilderness without a firearm—we initially weren’t going to sell in Alaska where there are a lot of bears—and wear at your own risk.” Lefkow warns customers.